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Tent Camp
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Tent Camp
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Tent Camp

The eco-friendly MounTRain Outdoor Club located at 1400 metres altitude in Bolu-Aladağlar, surrounded by pine forests and with a natural lake in its premises is spread over 300 acres. The club provides a true nature holiday with all the facilities in the tent camp area bringing together escape from the city with fun and sports in nature. The club provides a truly comfortable nature holiday with all the facilities in the tent camp area.

You can stay at MounTRain either in your own tents or individual caravans or in the specially designed MounTRain tents with wooden floors, heating and high ceiling. While experienced campers enjoy the stay in the high altitude surrounded by forests, inexperienced nature lovers can make their first step to camping within the security and comfort of our tents. You sleep in sleeping bags on mattresses on footed camps in tents, all of which are regularly sanitized.

The restaurant of the Club serving up to 200 people at the same time is also at the service of tent campers. Our kitchen led by a cook from Mengen area offers three healthy and hearty meals a day.  The food is always prepared by taking into consideration the energy spent out in nature. We eat together under the trees in summer while enjoying the closed dining area in colder times. It is possible to see the forest view of the campus from the windows on all four sides of our indoor dining area. Immersing yourself in long conversations in this cosy place in leisure time is priceless... Optional: It is possible to have tea-chats throughout the day or all-day tea and coffee, sausage-bread by the fire, etc. Different alternative treats are possible. 

Showers and WC for ladies and gentlemen are available in the camp area; sanitized with all hygiene measures taken.
Those who are tent camping can spend the day in nature, mountain biking, trekking, watching birds or observing flora or upon prior heads up; certain group activities. Our big hammocks and sitting areas under the pines is the perfect place to rest, read and connect to yourself.

After spending the day with outdoor activities or at your hammock, enjoy the new friends you will make around the campfire, refreshed family relations and the happiness and self-confidence of your children that stems from spending time outdoors, independently.

Tent Camp General Info

Our facility provides service by reservation.

Entrance to the camping area is until 8 pm.

It is the hour of silence starting from 11 pm. Playing loud music and talking loudly should be avoided from the hour of silence.

For security reasons, it is forbidden to light a fire in the forest and outside the specified places.

Pedestal stove systems that do not touch the ground to start a fire are accepted.

The store, where basic needs will be met, is open between 8 and 9 am and 5 and 6  pm. You can use the store at other times by checking with staff. Purchases are done by cash.

Guests wishing to stay elsewhere than caravan camp can stay in our pre-installed tents or their own tents. Pre-booking is required for tent camping.

Its forbidden to use base camp activities personally.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are coming with your own camp, apart from basic camp equipment, we recommend you to have:

  • Waterproof sport shoes or boots
  • T-shirt
  • Sweater and sweatpants
  • Polar, raincoat.
  • Hat for sun and rain.
  • Socks.
  • Personal hygiene items like toothbrush, towel etc.
  • Pillow (to use in your sleeping bag if you need).
  • Sleeping bag.
  • Mat
  • Torch

For those sleeping in MounTRain tents; tent, campet and sleeping is provided.