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Who are we

Founded in 2000, "MounTRain" offers outdoor sports, adventure camp and outdoor sports and activities services at MounTRain Outdoor Club in Bolu, Aladağlar to groups with its expert team.

MounTRain, founded by Ömer Tümay, a leading name in outdoor sports, has served over 60,000 participants, mainly corporate companies, schools, summer camps, and hosted various outdoor organizations, wellness and mindfulness camps and adventure races.  

MounTRain Outdoor Club has recently opened its doors to individual travellers who are tent and caravan camping.

Expert Team

Our experienced instructor team in outdoor sports and outdoor activities is led by Ömer Tümay, Ali Tümay and Çağatay Yaşar.
Ömer Tümay
Ömer Tü
Ömer Tümay was an active athlete in skiing, mountaineering, hiking, canyoning, canoe and sea-kayaking. He participated in international expeditions in Brazil, Malesia, Portugal and North Africa. Tümay founded the first built-in outdoor club and sports center in 2000 bringing his lifelong outdoor experience in to “learn by living” trainings.
Ali Tümay
Ali TümayEvent
Ali Tümay has experience in hiking, orienteering, canoe and rowing. His expertise is on survival in nature. He successfully completed a certificate program at the Bear Grylls Survival Academy ( in 2017. Ali works as an expert trainer at MounTRain Outdoor Academy.



Quality Service

Customer-oriented service in nature activities, accommodation and food and beverage.

Environment Friendly

Use of environmentally friendly and nature-friendly materials in all constructions within our settlement area.


Both at corporate games and events as well as all outdoor activities and at the tent and caravan camps, our guests' safety is our priority. All safety measures are taken during corporate activities and lighting and security is a top priority in camping areas within the premises.

Organization Team

Technical Crew

Experienced technical team that organizes the preparation of the activity track areas and the activities.

Logistics Team

Logistics team responsible for support services in all areas within the settlement.